The Bus Ride

Let me tell you a story…


So rimwe gore, I decided to take a trip to my hometown. I spent part of my childhood in Shurugwi with my aunt, and she had just moved into a bigger house with a scenic mountain view so i just had to go and see yannoe. I had to catch the morning Kukura Kurerwa bus because well bag hapana, ndandisingade zvinondinetsa, plus its still pretty fast and comfy compared to other buses that ply that route. I remember one time ndakanzwa mbudzi ichichema mubhazi. Mbudzi fam, a live one stuffed under a seat or something. Apa sweaty peeps all over haaa i couldnt risk mabhazi mamwe aya aya, KK maintained a bit of class mbichana.

I remember what I had on that morning. White tshirt, black jeans, white hoodie, nothing fancy. The bus came just after six in the morning and i got in, it was still pretty empty, so i found myself a nice window seat on the right side, the three seater side, and put my bag next to me.

I dont know if you relate but I’ve been on so many bus trips and i always pray that i sit next to someone I either relate to proper, or someone really extremely hot. And it never happened. But this time around…


The bus took quite a while looking for passengers and being stopped by police and all but it was around seven when we got into Chegutu. The bus turned into the rank and hordes of people ran to the bus pakaita pressure, people pushing and shoving and all and in seconds, manga mazara. I wasnt bothered trying to look for someone hot this time. I had my earphones on, (brand new X2 tings achangopinda, feeling myself godzva zvangu, ndinobvunzwa nani), hoodie was up, i was completely detached from my immediate surroundings. This guy sat next to me, and a girl next to him. She wasnt bad, but well this cock-blocker had plumped his unwanted ass right in the middle of us, so i wasnt bothered to do anything much.

The bus hits Kadoma. Dude dropped off along with a bunch of other people too. Apparently the girl on seat number three wasnt alone. She was with some sisters of hers who were sitting behind us and they were talking right through the trip. No one sat between us for the greater part of Kadoma/Kwekwe. Suddenly, I felt the seat move and looked beside me. This girl had come and fit herself right in the middle of us. Seemed like the sister to the girl on the other end because they talked together like they knew each other.


We’re almost in Kwekwe and the new girl says something to me. Huh? I take off my earphones, “Ndati Hesi,” she said.
“Hie, uribho?”
Ndiribho hangu
Standard. Im back to my earphones. Ari kutonditadzisa kunzwa Carter 3 yangu zvakanaka anyway. We didnt go much further she taps my shoulder again.
‘Is that an X2? Tione!” then she took my phone looking all intrigued and everything. Thats when i got a good look at her. She was quite big, a plus sized girl, not bad, but she wasnt good either, anga ane this huge imposing face and presence about her. It wasnt long before i learnt her name was Melanie, and she started small talk, tuma arguments about long distance relationships, even tried to get into sex talk looking all naughty at me, ehh sisi, hold up, hold up! Tasvika ikoko nguvai?

When she figured I wasnt really interested in anything outside the bus, she dialled her number using my phone, hanzi, “Thats my number, what should i save yours as?” ah ah ah zi major go getter!

Finally, Gweru, ini netwunhu twangu, touch! Tarova road, ndaenda kunotsvaga lift to Shurugwi. Barely hours after i got home, the first text. “Hey, handsome.” hanzvadzi ava, smh. Ignored. Text number 2. “So wazoti chii? Can i come and see you?” This is someone aenda ku Zvishavane which is far from Shurugwi. Next morning, text number three. “I love you Kudzi, please can i come and see you” 🙌 ndakarohwa nehana kunge chitunha chamukira vanhu pakati pemariro, ah ah ah ah. I replied, “But you dont know me, things dont work like that.” Text number four, “Im in Shurugwi I’ve come to see you, ndokuda zveshuwa” haaaa phone calls, im ignoring, ndanzwa paya. I told my sister, Samantha and she sent this girl a very rude message and i was forced to change numbers ipapo because clearly she didnt get the message.

Moral of the story: zvemubhazi siya. Itaiwo zvemundege pamwe zviri nani.


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