An Interesting Conversation

I just remembered one of the funniest yet, interesting things that happened to me.

I remember when i went to Guinea Fowl, i was a border there for a term, (don’t ask why, its a story for another day). I mainly moved there because of this ex of mine, who got knocked up soon after i left, but when this happened, i wasnt in the know, neither was she, but i reckon now you know one of the reasons why i moved back to Harare.

So we were involved in the same extra curricular activities, her and me, and two other people, one of them ainzi Michelle, and this other guy so, who, unbeknownst to me, liked my ex. i am a great orator let me *555* myself there, and i was sharing my skills with the other people in the group and had just sat down next to this guy. We were having an outdoor meeting, so the seating arrangement was mixed up and here we were, sitting slightly offset, but facing these two girls, Yolanda and Michelle.

Now, Yolanda, was my ex. so yeah, i shouldnt explain further. Michelle now, yaas, Michelle is pretty, she is smart, she has that ka sexy seductive voice to her, that ka sparkle in her eye, she’d look at you with this beautiful awestruck gaze, so caught up in the moment when you spoke to her, giving you complete and undivided attention. She is a quick learner, bright future, currently studying in Malaysia aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhh i’m so happy for her. Michelle is all sorts of amazing. She is emotionally intelligent, knows how to handle situations and people smartly and thus is a likeable character. Michelle has this smile, this beautiful smile my gosh, thats the one down there, ndati zvingandinetse. Michelle is well built too, haa mfes ari kudya apa ari kufa nekunakirwa.Β I remember clearly on this day, she had on her dress, and it had been mischievious so we could see a nice lightskin shade rising in tone and tempting to the eye. Apa she has evolved into one amazing lady, haaa Mwari imi πŸ™ŒπŸ˜



At this point, i should probably put a disclaimer that made the conversation interesting with my guy. Yolanda and Michelle were similar in many ways. Yolanda wasnt exaclty bright, but was working hard. Michelle was, and worked hard too. Yolanda and Michelle were both lightskinned and of similar build, Yolanda slightly taller. And they both sat, with pens to book, noting down what they were perceiving as value from the session.

This guy then said to me, “Haaa but iheavy”
“Ehe haaa isimbi uri kuona” i concurred
Him: “Hona gumbo haha unofa iwe”
Me: “Baba pakaipa. Kana kakutsvukirira kacho kakapenga, hapana kana blemish kana scar”
Him: “Akanaka hake mwana uyu, vanhu vanotomuzeza”
Me: “Live?”
Him: “Ehe haa haajaidze anopa ma red card apa akanaka anodiwa nevanhu. This is the type of girl you can marry you know”
Me: “Taura hako hona kana focus, atori serious anenge ari smart futi, ukawana munhu ane direction at this age wahwina”
Him: “Ehe, haana kubvuma kubhaizwa nana boys ari kuziva zvaakauyira panapa”
Me: “Yeah, wife material, ini i would wife that in a heartbeat”
Him: “Taura hako ukawana mukadzi akadai ungadei, akanaka, anoshanda apa ari sexy haaa unenge waabho”
Me: “Haha ini handitobude mumba ini ndobva ndatogarira imomo ndichipondera musaga. Ndiye mukadzi anokuuraya ne stress uchifunga kuti ari kunyengwa nevanhu kunze uko”
Him: “Live, but this type is the loyal type of girl, isu tichiri kuda hedu kutamba, vangatotyira isu but ukaita muskana akadai haa unenge uri safe, she wont leave you if you treat her right ”
Me: “Yeah isu tichiri kuda kufara ngatimbovasiya because unozobhaiza munhu agara ari straightforward kare”

Then he said, “But hauna kumhanya naye here iwewe?”

I looked at him like, dude, uri kutii? Thats when i realised, all along, and other censored parts of the convo, he was talking about Yolanda, and i was busy admiring Michelle πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ. He didn’t realise thats what happened, but when i did, i just played along haha. Now everytime i see Michelle’s pic, my mind goes back to that tree even after so many years now.

Akangodzoka chete…..!!!


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