My Sister is the Sweetest

My sister has to be the sweetest there is. Today, she hit me with something so unexpected, I was amazed beyond words.


Her name is Tanyaradzwa, she’s six years old and in grade one. Today while we were having supper she called me over and asked me to sit next to her in the kitchen. We made casual conversation. I asked her how school was, and she said….let me just give it out in script format:

Me: So how was school?
Her: It was fine, although our teacher wasn’t feeling well.
Me: Are you done with your tests?
Her: Yes we finished kudhaaaaraaaaa
Me: Oh so muri kuitei at school
Her: Hapana hedu, tinenge tichingotamba
Me: You must be enjoying school
Her: Sometimes. I hate it when we do the hard subjects
Me: Which subject is hard for you?
Her: Maths
Me: But you shouldn’t tell yourself that its hard, because it will really become hard.
She paused and looked at me with that awe-filled look kids have and asked, “Are words powerful?”
Me: Yes they are, where did you hear that?
Her: (completely ignoring my question) So if I tell myself that i can’t do something, then i will end up not being able to do it?
Me: Yes exactly. Where did you hear that?
Her: Nowhere, i was just thinking

I was still struck by surprise trying to digest this wisdom bestowed upon me by a young vessel when she asked me something else

Her: So can wishes come true?
Me: Sometimes, it depends on what you wish for. What do you want to wish for?
Her: (exactly what she said to me) I wish to be just like you. You were good at school always getting number 1 and prizes so i want to be like you. I saw your books and certificates and pictures and i want mine too.

I was moved fam. I was so touched i almost shed ka young tear. She actually looks up to me. I suddenly feel like i should clean up my act 😂. Wow…


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